There are places I'll remember, All my Life, though some have changed.

About Me

A full time proud Red for almost 50 years who  enjoys boxing, amateur and professional (I ran an amateur club for over 10 years) loves sea fishing, travelling and learning about history from both sides of the equation.

I dislike injustice, prejudice and discrimination of any kind and have very little time for self-serving politicians who conveniently forget what they stood for and start following the status quo.

I've been a season ticket holder; have stood in the boy’s pen, the Kop and the Anfield Road end prior to Anfield becoming an all-seater stadium.

My personal view on being a Fan of Liverpool Football club

I believe the managers, players, coaches, directors and owners are only custodians of the club but the club morally and spiritually belongs to the fans who have supported this club through thick and thin, spent their hard earned money and time to make it what it is today and as such should not be ignored when making important decisions around commercial activities.

We’ve sailed very close to the wind because those who the fans trusted to run the club didn’t carry out due diligence and put the club we all love into the hands of two cowboys almost resulting in our demise. There are promising signs that the current custodians are heading in the right direction but one thing we shouldn’t lose sight of is that the primary reason this club is such a global draw is because of the team and the fans not because of someone’s business acumen.  I also passionately believe that ticket prices should be made more affordable for match goers and shouldn’t just keep increasing. Match day ticket revenue is insignificant compared to the vast sums generated by Television and Commercial income so there surely has to be room to manoeuvre in terms of passing some of that income on to help tickets become more affordable for all fans whether they live on the doorstep of Anfield or like many thousands of fans travel far and wide at great expense to support their Club.

My Favourite Managers / Players

Couldn’t choose between Shanks and Bob as my favourite manager, loved them both to bits for different reasons, Kenny Dalglish was and still is the best Liverpool player I ever watched, the most skilful would have to be Digger Barnes, who had an unjustified reputation for being lazy, the toughest would have to be Smithy, the only man I ever seen who tackled and floored two opponents with one “fair” tackle, Jimmy Case and Graeme Souness would come a close second though. Rushy and Robbie would have to be my top strikers and Stevie Gerrard for his all-round ability. Others who would get into my favourite players category, in no particular order are Jan Molby, who seemed to know where Rush was going before Rush did, Peter Beardsley, Kevin Keegan, Ronnie Whelan, Alan Hansen, John Toshack, Ray Kennedy, Alan Kennedy, Jamie Carragher, Terry Mcdermott, Ray Clemence and Stevie Heighway.



My Values


I take copyright seriously and would never intentionally attempt to take credit for the work of others. However, if despite my best efforts you believe I have media on this site which is your copyright, then please contact me at the email address on the Contact page, outlining your position. I'll investigate and if proven will be glad to acknowledge your copyright or if requested will remove it from the site.


I also believe that discrimination, whether to do with race, sex, or any other type has no part in anything I stand for and will endeavor to remove any comments, discussions or statements which I deem to be of a discriminatory nature. However, if despite my best efforts you believe I have media on this site which is considered to breach these guidelines then please contact me at the email address on the Contact page, outlining your findings and I will investigate it and take the appropriate action to rectify the position.




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