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Real Madrid Match at Anfield - (Posted Oct 24, 2014)

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As the dust settles on a rather chastening experience against Real Madrid at Anfield, chastening in so far as expectations and hopes were concerned, maybe it’s time to bring it all into context?

Real Madrid arrived at Anfield as the current champions League holders and arguably as the best club side in the world at present. They have a super abundance of talent and in Christiano Ronaldo, have the world’s number one player to call upon. A formidable asset to any team alone, he is complimented by the likes of Benzema, Rodriguez, Isco, Modric, Tony Kroos and so on.
So, was it reasonable to expect anything from this game, was the expectation realistic? Coming into the game, the Reds had scraped past the bottom of the table QPR, conceding another two goals due to poor defensive errors and were fortunate to do that. The loss of Daniel Sturridge added to the hole left by Suarez has meant (the Spurs game aside) the attacking options have been severely limited and whereas the goals contributed by those two last season meant defensive lapses were regularly over-shadowed, no such luxury is available at present. The gamble on Balotelli appears to be exploding into oblivion with a series of lack-lustre displays and although the petulance has been kept to a premium, it could be argued that this is taking the devil out of him which he needs to thrive. Without Sturridge to call on, the options seem very limited with neither Lambert nor Borini appearing to be the answer Rodgers is looking for. Confirmation of that is when he turns to Sterling as a substitute centre forward rather than use either of them.
This lack of options puts Rodgers in a quandary, after the public spat with the England manager over keeping Sterling fresh, it is hardly the answer to use him in a role he is neither experienced in or in his own post match words, not a natural position for him.
So what is the answer, then? The only answer is to persevere with what he has and realise that we won’t be playing Real Madrid every day, work hard and keep trying to do the right things in training and on the pitch. The worse thing to do is to react to the social media storm that always erupts after a poor performance or loss. The main aim this season, as Rodgers has said all along is to get back into the top four and compete in the cup competitions, anyone who thinks we are deserving of more than this or expect us to challenge for the title let alone the Champions league are naïve at best or living in a dream land. Name one Club that has gone from where we were prior to last season to being a genuine consistent contender for these types of titles in such a short space of time? Even the mega rich clubs funded by Russian or Saudi oligarchs’ take time to become consistently successful.
Supporters have every right to reach for the stars when following their teams, they have every right to feel let down by players, the manager, officials and the Club itself but that doesn’t mean that they know all the answers, doesn’t mean that what they see, the managers doesn’t see. It doesn’t mean that players who play bad, have a poor game or make individual errors don’t feel the pain of defeat. The fact they get paid more money than most fans could dream of has no impact on why they played badly and should only be a factor thrown at them when they don’t try, or show a lack of effort.
Likewise, Pundits, Journalists, Ex- players and commentators are entitled to have their say, are entitled to their opinions too particularly those who adorned the Red shirt of Liverpool who probably feel as frustrated as the fans do but it doesn’t mean they are correct.
The greatest hope for this club is to continue to react like those fans at the game did, they sang and supported the team throughout what was a very bruising lesson not witnessed at the ground before. They applauded the opponents off the pitch, whether individually, as in Kroos, Marcelo and Ronaldo (could you see that happening at Old Trafford or Stamford bridge?) or at the final whistle and they reminded everyone, the players, managers, opponents and those watching from the comfort of their homes just what it means to support this club by belting out yet another rendition of YNWA.
So, the solution is not to sack the manager, sack the right back, sack the centre half, go out and buy every Tom, Dick or Harry, this is not some Internet game, this is the real world. It’s about sticking together in adversity, it’s about standing up and being proud to wear the shirt and playing for the badge. It’s about keeping focussed on the overall aim and doing the right things and most of all from the fans it’s about keeping the faith and sticking together through the wind and the rain, shout loud and shout proud about being part of the greatest football family in the world and keep believing that we’ll get through this and get back to where we want to be.

I believe that Rodgers wants exactly the same and have every faith he will do his best to achieve this, if it doesn't work out for him then Liverpool FC will move on until we get where we believe we belong.

YNWA and JFT96



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Is right ladPosted by LiddelRed on 10/24/14
Anyone calling for heads wants to have a word with themselves or go find someone else to follow
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Great Write upPosted by KingK on 10/25/14
Agree 100% that we need to take this in the wider picure
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