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Why can't we take Throw Ins? - (Posted Oct 15, 2014)

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As a Liverpool fan of more years than I can remember and one who has enjoyed the majestic highs and the dark lows of being a Reds fan, I thought it might be appropriate if I was to share my thoughts on how the club that absorbs my consciousness could do better at certain aspects of the game.

Now I know, you and your coaching / backroom staff are all highly qualified and have far more experience and technical knowhow than I do but my intention is to pass on a fans view from the terraces (or seats as they are now) rather than to tell you how to do it better.

As we are all striving for the same end, I hope my views are taken in the spirit they are intended and not as a moaning know nothing?

I, along with about 44 thousand or so other reds fans watched the West Brom game at Anfield recently with a fair degree of trepidation. It’s fair to say we are not the smooth, silky attacking force of last season yet and with all the new faces, injuries and loss of you know who added to the mix, it’s understandable. I also think you made a great point in your “weight of the shirt” comment and have no doubt that there is also added pressure in the  “Weight of the crowd” too, particularly at home.

Where I sit in the main stand, the groans that emanate from the crowd when a pass, corner, tackle or throw in is misplaced or lost to the opposition can’t fail to have some effect on the players.

That said, it is incredibly frustrating, as a fan to watch any professional footballer fail to carry out a basic function of the game, in this case taking throw-ins with any degree of competency! At the West Brom game, I lost count of how many times either of the full backs (who to be fair take most of them) done nothing other than launch the ball down the line. Aside from this being essentially a 50/50 chance of losing possession it also requires greater accuracy than a shorter throw and therefore increases the risk of losing possession. I have seen this time and time again watching Liverpool games and I’m sure it’s not just my imagination that opposing teams, such as Southampton, Aston Villa, Ludogorets and even Middlesbrough appear to have no such problems retaining possession even when they are being closed down at throw-ins.

I also appreciate that it is not just the player taking the throw in who are at fault if the outfield players are too static or do not present themselves for the pass then the long throw down the line appears to be the only safe option which given our inability to win headers for any concerted spell means we invariably concede possession. (I’ll tackle the subject of heading both offensively and defensively at another time)

So please, please Mr Rodgers could you sort this problem out, and quickly, as to concede possession so easily like this seems to fly in the face of your keep the ball or win it back quickly philosophy?  All the best Liverpool teams I’ve watched over the years were proficient in keeping the ball and to my mind it was this which laid the foundation to their success.

In fairness to some of the crowd, it is this type of wastefulness which causes the groans and frustration heard, as well as the great expectations of being a Red.


YNWA and JFT96


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Been a problem for a whilePosted by ManontheTelly on 10/15/14
The problem is we never seem to win the first ball from throws anyway so they need to use short throws
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Bang onPosted by Walt on 10/15/14
Does my head in the amount of times we give it away and then have to work hard to get it back
Walt rates the above article at 8 out of 10
I think its more to do with the outfield playersPosted by Dwyer on 10/15/14
The thrower usually ends up with no other option
Dwyer rates the above article at 6 out of 10
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