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Day 1

Flew from Luton and arrived at Heraklion airport around 20:50 and by the time we got our bags and found the correct transfer bus it was about half nine. After dropping off other holidaymakers we arrived at our complex at about quarter to eleven.

It was only the beginning of the season and the only other people at the place where a Dutch family and an Asian couple from West Yorkshire.

We were given our room and put our bags in before having a few drinks in the bar with the owner Kostos and the barman Mano.


Day 2

After a nice breakfast in the warmth of the early morning we went for a walk in the local port area of Chersonisos and surprise surprise we came across an Irish bar 'Shenanigans’ we watched a local fun run taking place which finished in the harbour area had a couple of drinks and made our way back to the hotel where we had lunch (Gyros was superb).,

After relaxing at the hotel we got changed and headed back into the port area for dinner at one of the seafront restaurants. Dane an I had mussels in cheese and Garlic respectively and Dan had the Souvlaki all of which was rather good. We finished off the evening enjoying a few beers in 'Mike’s Bar’ (well you should never walk past a pub with your name over the door according to an old saying) chatting and watching Leicester upset the Spurs fans by thrashing Swansea 4 _ 0 to take a step nearer the Premiership title.


Day 3

Another lovely warm and sunny day, Dane and I decided to head for the port for lunch while Dan stayed by the hotel pool reading and topping up his tan. We chose a different restaurant this time where I had a Moussaka and Dane fresh sardines. We chatted over a glass of wine and an espresso (well me anyway) and enjoying the ambience before strolling back to the hotel.

We chilled out by the pool for the afternoon, got changed and returned to the port, chose yet another restaurant where the boys had Gyros and I had Lived, again very good fayre. We finished the evening off with a few beers in 'Shenanigans’ watching Spurs blow their title hopes and headed back.


Day 4

Our hotel was situated halfway up a hill and to reach the port you took a left and followed the road down, taking a right and walking up the hill (quite steep in places but keeps you fit) you eventually reach the lovely village of Hernossis. While Dane decided to stay in the hotel Dan and I decided to pay a visit. We found a selection of nice bars and restaurants and had a lunch of Pork Souvlaki and Chicken Gyros washed down with a nice drop of local Rose wine. We then took a long road back after trying to find a shortcut and ended up in the port area before walking back up the hill to our hotel. We had a few hours relaxing by the pool before having a few beers in the port area before settling down for the night.


Day 5

Went back to Hernossis with Dane for Lunch, he had a delicious Swordfish steak while i had some local lamb preceded with some calamari and zucchini we were then given some Raki and cherry yogurt to finish with an espresso. A local priest joined us in the restaurant and gave a blessing for a profitable season for all the businesses in the village. We returned to the hotel for a chill before heading into the port with Dan in tow for Dinner. We chose a nice looking restaurant situated in one of the many side streets heading into the port where we dined on Pork chop, lamb chop and Swordfish steak and washed it down with a complimentary glass of Ouzo before retiring.


Day 6

We decided to watch the Liverpool game down in the port later so we all headed up to Hernossis for the daytime and stopped for lunch where Dane and I visited the previous day. Dan and I opted for the Pork Chops with Prawn saganaki and zucchini fritters to start while Dane opted for the Mixed grill and managed to polish off a mountain of meat, no idea how though. Dan and I shared a half carafe of local rose before the usual raki and cherry yogurt to finish. We went back to hotel to sleep off the effects before going down to the port for a few beers and then home feeling a little disappointed with the result.


Day 7

Relaxing day at the poolside enjoying the sun, Dan and I had lunch without Dane who was still coming down from his meat feast yesterday. Dan had kebabs and I had a Pork chop, they certainly know how to cook chops! We got changed later and went to Hernossis for final evening meal where Dan and I had Moussaka and Dane decided on Pork chop (I guess you can never have enough meat?) which looked and tasted delicious. We had the customary strawberry yogurt and Raki as well as another beer and found ourselves witnessing a religious procession through the village, headed by the priest we dined with a few days previously asking for a fruitful and successful holiday period for the village inhabitants. We waited till it finished before heading back to the hotel for the night.


Day 8

Walked to Hernossis after breakfast to look for some souvenirs to take back and some good quality and reasonably priced Molinari before returning to hotel to spend our last few hours at the poolside. Our pick up time was 17:55 so we had lunch, packed and chilled out in the sun. The coach arrived half an hour early and then spent an hour picking up other people across the resorts before getting to the airport. Once there we were informed that due to earlier flight cancellations there was a knock on effect and our flight may be delayed. The airport was very busy and the snack bars and such were all running out of snacks and drinks. As it happened we were only delayed by 35 minutes after being involved in a ‘Sitcom’ moment when queing up to board our flight, the queue next to us who were boarding before us were all directed by the flight desk crew to move to another desk at the other side of our queue (it turned out that the electronic terminal checking boarding cards had crashed) and their queue was suddenly intertwined with our queue leading to pandemonium with people panicking over which was the correct line to get in. Eventually they were all through then we started to move, we were all through the check waiting for a bus to take us to the plane when we were delayed yet again by an arrival of some VIP religious figures on a plane which put a stop to any movements until they had disembarked and were chaperoned to the terminal building. The flight itself was uneventful and we arrived home in Quainton around 2:10.



The holiday was our first together for many years and on the whole was enjoyable, Crete as a destination was excellent for late April, nice and warm in the day and not too cold at night, everything reasonably priced too. We promised to meet up each year even if it's only a weekend and each of us would take turns to organise, Dan next year then Dane, so we’ll see…....!


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