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The old saying, ‘there’s none so blind as them that will not see’ springs to mind when I see, read or hear the polarised opinions on Jeremy Corbyn by his detractors. On one hand he ranges from incompetent, idiotic, arrogant and will never be a PM while others portray him as a terrorist supporting, anti establishment, hard left militant type who would spend all our wealth and leave us defenceless against our enemies.

Supporters of Corbyn argue he is a thoroughly decent man who believes in such noble causes as a fully funded NHS, a public funded railway network, education for all and a fairer taxation system whereby the top 3% of earners should pay more than the meagre pittance they get away with at present amongst other policies.

Hardly the stuff of Stalin as he is often portrayed through the main stream media and the detractors in his own party but those of us old enough to remember cannot fail to notice similarities between JC's treatment today and that of the late ex Labour leader Michael Foot who led the party between 1980 - 1983.

It was Joseph Goebbels who was credited with coming up with the strategy of the ‘Big Lie’ whereby saying something loud enough and often enough would result in people eventually believing it.

Upon Foot’s death in 2010 MP’s on all sides of the Political and Media world lined up to remark about his brilliant oratory skills and how he was one of the best Parliamentarians who never made it as PM. Yet in his time as Leader of the Opposition he was subjected to the same type of constant vitriolic attacks as is current successor.

Like today the majority of the Media was no more than a mouthpiece for the right wing establishment and railed against any threat to the elitist status quo. Michael Foot fell foul of these self serving propaganda machines in an example of just how easy it is to make a lie stick and use it as means to subvert the hearts and minds of voters.

It was on Remembrance Sunday in 1981 while laying a wreath at the Cenotaph that Michael Foot ultimately met his political Armageddon. In what today would seem like a bizarre and spiteful attack he was wearing a new coat purchased for him specifically by his wife on that cold November morning when a fellow Labour MP remarked to the press that he was disgusted by Foots attire and that he looked more like an ‘Irish navvy’ wearing his duffel coat and so the dye was cast and the media ran with it.

Foot was forever afterwards caricatured as a duffel coat wearing scruff who lacked respect for the Fallen. The fact his coat, unlike a duffel coat was short and clearly different to the traditional long overcoat regarded as modus operandi for Politicians at the Service was irrelevant, as was the fact that many years later it was reported that the Queen Mother actually complimented him on wearing such a sensible coat to the occasion.

The reality was that the lie was perpetrated by his own party and propagated by the press to such an extent it made him a political liability and if anyone fails to see that history is repeating itself they must be oblivious, ignorant or are playing the type of political machinations they accuse the hard left of.

Unlike Michael Foot, JC has to contend with the overwhelming amount of information through Social media as well as MSM although he can just as well use the same medium to get his message across but in common with Foot he has to contend with many within his own party feeding the media with negative spin to undermine him.

The Labour party has always prided itself on being a broad church which embraced all spectrums of political opinion and in a democracy it is important to understand and cater for this diversity but in my opinion, it is not unfair to say that the consistent barrage of anti Corbyn spin, the orchestrated undermining of his leadership and the collective nastiness portrayed by the anti Corbyn element within the Labour Party is unprecedented in a Western democracy, certainly in my lifetime.

Examples of this orchestrated coup are numerous and visible if you were prepared to look, the charade of Angela Eagle, for example running to the press to accuse her own constituency Labour party of intimidation and smashing windows of her office in support of Corbyn. The MSM lapped this up and ran with it leading to members of her CLP being barred from their own party premises pending investigation. The eventual outcome of the investigation found nothing to answer and the Police investigation found that the broken window in question was around the other side of the building and was in no way connected with the Labour party office. Still, the dye was cast further propagating the case against Corbyn and his supporters.

The Owen Smith challenge to JC for the Leadership would have been a non event if the PLP hadn’t fought it like a ‘cornered alley cat’ at times and a sly conniving bunch of weasels at others. They tried using the Labour constitution to de-rail Corbyn from standing, they tried and to some extent were successful in barring some members from voting in the leadership contest, they plotted to challenge him and whilst denying it were either incompetent or so ambivalent towards their own constituents that each time they were rumbled. They’ve used every ism in the book against him from racism, anti semitism and sexism and appear to have no qualms whatsoever, ignoring their own constituents or local Labour party activists to follow their own agenda against him.

Shadow ministers and others within the the PLP resigned at carefully chosen times for maximum political effect and all after alerting their chums in the media, even the Copeland and Stoke resignations were planned to cause maximum embarrassment to Corbyn and perpetuate the ‘Corbyn is a liability’ scenario. Considering that both sitting Labour MPs were anti Corbyn Tristram Hunt who walked away from his constituency for a nice paid job in the National Gallery while Jamie Reed in Copeland, a particularly vociferous anti Corbynite who decided to take up a paid consultancy in the Nuclear Industry it's not difficult to imagine it as part of the charade against Corbyn.

The PLP nominated two anti Corbynites to stand in each by-election and while Corbyn campaigned for both, the right wing elements within the party used opportunity after opportunity to undermine him. To paraphrase ‘Baldrick’ in Blackadder it was a cunning plan, if Labour won the seats the Right wing of the party would have two more recruits, if they lost either or both they could use it to continue the attack on JC. As it was they held Stoke comfortably against the so called challenge of UKIP and they lost Copeland which gave the Right wing the chance they wanted, media headlines were joyous and anti Corbynites were cueing up to put the knife in and twist it (all before the Tories as it happened) ‘Corbyn makes history’ they shouted ‘the first party leader in opposition to lose a safe seat to the government’ and while it was a blow politically, the reasons were certainly not directly down to Corbyn. The seat itself, due to boundary changes had seen a steady decline in the Labour majority since 1983 and even the Tories were targeting it as a marginal seat prior to the by-election. The other main factors were the Tory campaign which threatened that Government support for the Nuclear plant at Sellafield would be vulnerable if Labour were voted in and the decision by UKIP in the constituency to not stand and leave their supporters to vote for their natural allies the Tories.

Then we have the Labour grandees like Tony Blair, whose political legacy has become despised by both the Tories whom he sought to emulate and the mass of Labour voters who once looked on him as a saviour from right wing conservatism, Neil Kinnock whose exorbitant salary and position within the EU seems to have made him impervious to the problems facing ordinary Labour voters and the twice sacked from Government, Peter Mandelson all feel it is more important to the people of this country that they spend their money, time and energy on a media campaign to undermine Jeremy Corbyn rather than take on the Conservative government.

While the NHS is crumbling before their eyes and stumbling its way ever closer to backdoor privatisation, while our Social services are screaming out over a lack of resources, while more people than ever are reliant upon food banks, while more disabled people are having their support cut, while more people are having their wages cut in real terms, while people are having to work longer into their retirement, while people are told to make do by successive governments due to austerity, while nurses are told there is no money for pay rises year after year these advocates of Democratic Socialism who made their reputations and their careers on following pledges to uphold the principles of the Labour party feel it is more important to ignore the plight of the majority of the people of this country in order to fight against Jeremy Corbyn. They are happy to watch Teresa May and her party give handouts to the 3% who contribute little in taxation, they are happy it seems, to stand idle while this government having missed target after target to reduce the national deficit continue to inflict austerity on the very people they should be supporting and instead use all of their powder on the Leader of their own party rather than the elitist corporations who reside in offshore havens, paying next to no tax while exerting undue influence on our society.

This is the part I don’t get, I entirely respect their right to disagree with Corbyn's views on how we should run the country, I respect their right to think their is a better way than Corbyn's vision for the Country, but why isn’t the debate carried out within the Labour party, why isn’t the emphasis on beating the government first and then like the democratic Socialists we are we debate it, vote on it and implement the will of the party in the best interests of the people?

All this internecine warfare will put voters off the Labour party generally and that is not the fault of Jeremy Corbyn in my opinion but I’ve no doubt the constant diatribe against him since his elections will be having an effect, you only have to look at the comments sections on online media outlets to see the sheer effect of this polarisation. The big question that springs to my mind though is if he is as ignorant, idiotic and shambolic as portrayed by some then why would he be considered a threat, why would or should his opponents either in the Labour party or without feel concerned about his leadership?

I’ve read that he’s an issue because we need a strong opposition to curb government excesses but this is usually patronising claptrap from Tories or Lib Dems looking to jump on the bandwagon. If Labour supporters are quoting this line then they need to take a long hard look at themselves and set their sights on being in government rather than opposition and also try pointing the finger of blame where it belongs. I don’t personally know how the majority of people can accurately determine whether or not Corbyn would make a good PM, he rarely gets a good or fair representation from MSM, it is well documented that the  BBC amongst others have shown unfair bias against him and even cited their own political editor to that effect, add to that the continuous Right wing drivel from the Murdoch Media and the other MSM, (Mail, Telegraph and Express) and there is an obvious attempt to manipulate the voting population into ridiculing him at every turn. The one thing that is certain for me though, is that the sheer calculating, deliberate undermining of an elected leader is unforgivable and it is so obvious that this is the real danger to the Labour party going forward, not Corbyn. If Corbyn is left to lead has he should be and proves to be incapable then the Labour membership would make the decision not the PLP after all it seems a mute point to me when detractors complain that the Labour party will have an electoral disaster if he leads the party into the next GE given the incompetency of the last two Labour election attempts.

What is apparent to me is that like Michael Foot the treatment meted out to Jeremy Corbyn is an affront to democracy and if it results in the same demonisation then it will be one more blow to the ideals of one nation society.

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ExcellentPosted by Latchford on 03/28/17
About time someone got it right on how the Blairites are treating JC
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Bang on about the Labour RightPosted by LiddelRed on 03/30/17
I can't get my head round them at all, they make the Tories seem moderate the way they are acting, unbelievable. Good write up
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